Cleaning Out Steel Water Tanks

photo_industries-waterThe use of steel water tanks at your home require that they be adequately cleaned. The use for these types of storage containers is needed for storage of liquid. The size of a container that is set up at a home may vary based on a user's particular needs. You can prevent the contamination of the liquid in your container by having it periodically cleaned.

The need for an available supply of H2O requires that your container be periodically cleaned. This will require you to first drain the tank. You can drain a tank of its liquid by first turning off the main supply valve for the tank.

Attach a hose to the drain valve and position it away from the container. Open the drain valve on your container to begin draining the liquid. The liquid that is in your tank will take a few minutes to empty out completely.

Spray down the inside of the storage vessel with clean H2O by using a pressure washer. Excess liquid in the vessel will flow out of the drain valve. Allow the remaining liquid to drain out of the tank. Close your tank's drain valve.

Remove the garden hose from the drain valve and place it in the container. Fill the storage vessel using clean H2O. As the container is filling up you will need to add one to two cups of bleach. Open all of the valves for the storage vessel to clean out the lines.

When steel water tanks have been drained of the bleach H2O they need to be refilled again. Repeat this process one additional time to wash out the bleach. You can not begin using the storage vessel for your daily use. Fill plastic containers to use temporarily while you are cleaning out your storage container.