Steel, Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks for Sale

RMF specializes in field-erected structures in carbon, stainless, and alloy steels.
Our products include, but are not limited to, the following:

Storage Tank Construction

Above Ground Storage Tanks (API / AWWA)

RMF has literally built thousands of underground and above ground storage tanks. We have built up to Seventy-Two tanks on a single project. Typical projects include API or AWWA tanks. RMF has the expertise to design, fabricate and field erect various process tanks such as: water storage tanks, oil, diesel, and fuel storage tanks, acid storage, and process storage tanks. Scalloped bottom elevated tanks, thickener tanks, clarifiers, mechanisms, etc. Process design companies rely on RMF's expertise to build their structures to meet the stress requirements and have the quality and workmanship that will last the test of time in the harsh process environment. If you need an above ground fuel tank or a steel water tank, you will find only the highest quality storage tanks for sale at RMF. Contact us today for a quote!
Pressure Vessel Construction

ASME Pressure Vessels

RMF is authorized by ASME and the National Board to use ASME "U", "U2", and "R" stamps to design, fabricate and erect pressure vessels. Pressure vessels of many types are provided by RMF in accordance with ASME VIII Division 1 and Division 2 codes. We have built numerous vessels in our past, for clients all over the United States. Our equipment, coupled with our extensive network and corporate partners, allow us to design and fabricate pressure vessels in any shape and size. These vessels are hydrostatically tested to insure reliability. Post-weld heat-treating and radiographic testing are also available.

Alloy Wallpapering

Alloy Wallpapering

RMF is one of the industry leaders of High Nickel Wallpapering. RMF has utilized C-276, C-22, C-2000, Alloy G, 317 LM and various other materials to line over 500,000 sq. ft. of existing and new structures. Back in the 1980's RMF helped the Nickel Development Institute develop weld procedures for alloy lining FGD systems. Today RMF remains one of the top technically qualified company's in the country for this procedure. Our customers have come to rely on our high level of expertise and experience in this field.
Silo Construction

Silos / Bins / Hoppers / Ductwork

Numerous industries utilize our services in the construction of various above ground steel storage structures such as cyclones, silos, bins, hoppers, bag houses, and conveyors. If you can imagine it, we can build it. RMF is equipped with the knowledge, equipment, and manpower to bring your vision to reality in the form of these structures. If you require silo construction that meets the highest quality standards, you can trust RMF to give you that. For quality steel storage silos, bins, hoppers or any above ground storage tank, you can trust RMF to build it to meet your requirements. Contact us today for a quote!
Stack Construction


RMF has fabricated and field erected various styles of Heat Recovery Steam Generator Stacks and Bypass Stacks. Whether the stack is to be shipped to site knocked down or built up in large shop assemblies, we can meet your design preference. We have shipped to site stack sections up to 18' in diameter and 50' long. RMF can provide field assembly of large sections or perform complete field erection construction.


RMF specializes in providing maintenance services to numerous industries throughout the United States. API-653 tank repairs are the bulk of our maintenance projects, consisting usually of bottom replacements, roof replacements, and general storage tank overhauls. RMF also provides repair services for non-API structures as well. RMF has vast experience providing these types of services on large and small projects all across the United States and its territories.


RMF has the capabilities to fabricate and erect any plate steel structure you need. Give us a call and we can discuss your various plate steel structures. Below are just a few examples of miscellaneous structures we've built in the past:
Anaerobic Digesters / Spheres / Floatation Cells / Hydroseparators / Carbon Columns / Towers / Spray Dryer Absorbers / Scrubbers / Clarifiers / Thickener Tanks / Scalloped Bottom Tanks

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